Member Contribution

All Dos Pinos members are expected to contribute to the community with a minimum of 2 hours per month of service. This can be fulfilled by service on the Board, on committees, or through a variety of individual activities.

The Dos Pinos Board, comprised of individual shareholder members, is responsible for identifying and creating committees. They are designed to facilitate and help the Board with some tasks it cannot do and to meet our community’s needs. Committees provide residents a meaningful way to contribute to the tasks required to manage the business of our cooperative community through deliberation and thoughtful research of alternative programs, products and processes. Working with the Board and within a community structure and guidelines, these committees are empowered to make recommendations, decisions and implement activities to meet objectives.

Committee work is valuable for the community and the individual. On an individual level, committee participation gives its members a unique experience in how our cooperative community works. Committee participation helps expand the shareholder’s global perspective of the cooperative management needs of Dos Pinos. This personal and more global perspective and sense of participation may encourage the individual shareholders to become candidates for Board service.

Descriptions of the goals of Dos Pinos committees include:

  • Education and Communication. To facilitate understanding and appreciation of our community and the policies and procedures by which we operate — for new members, our Dos Pinos community, and those assuming leadership positions; to facilitate communication within our cooperative community; and to support and encourage the culture of cooperation, community, and respect.
  • Finance. To monitor the state of Dos Pinos’ financial interests.
  • Landscape. To regularly review the state of the common landscape spaces at Dos Pinos and work to maintain and enhance them. To recruit seasonal participation for special landscape projects/work groups.
  • Outreach. To coordinate applicant interviews and arrange unit tours.
  • Resource Allocation Advisory. To plan and recommend how the cooperative’s funds will be used for the strategic maintenance, improvement, and sustainability of the Dos Pinos community and property
  • Social. To provide opportunities for members to know each other better and to enjoy shared interests and values in ways that help the community become an increasingly friendly place to live.
  • Structures. To promote the upkeep, improvement, safety and aesthetic appeal of the built environment.

In addition to formal committees, multiple opportunities are available for member participation. Examples of these are:

  • Building representative
  • Publisher or contributor to “Dos Up Close”, the Dos Pinos community newsletter
  • Applicant interviewer
  • Membership participation coordinator
  • Inspector of elections
  • Book club facilitator
  • Neighborhood watch contact
  • Community room reservation coordinator
  • Document editor
  • Email/phone list manager

A unique feature, one of the strengths of any housing cooperative, is the participation of its residents. Working together, we help keep costs down and enhance our sense of community. It is essential that all members participate, whether through service on the Board, serving on a committee, or contributing on an individual basis.

Attached is the Membership Contribution Form.