Dos Pinos Limited Equity Housing Cooperative is a community dedicated to creating a secure, trusting, respectful, extended family environment. We show our accountability and responsibility by governing our community through a representative democracy as well as by contributing our efforts in service.

Our vision incorporates our Community Affirmations. They were developed to describe the best of our individual experiences as part of something larger and to give direction to where we’re going together.

Our Community Affirmations are:

  1. Continuity – Historical rootedness
  2. Our Diverse Rainbow – We seek to represent the larger world
  3. Social Glue – Bonded with common values and shared interests
  4. Feeling of Ownership – Partners in economic community
  5. Participation – Service to the functioning of our community

Our vision defines our interest for bringing forward the positive aspects of community that we enjoy today as we grow into a better future together.

Adopted 7/12/00